Tour Operators in Mali

Mali is known to be one of the most peaceful nations of Africa. It has a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes and an amazing variety of outdoor tourist activities. Mali is a multicultural holiday destination as the tourists can explore the ancient society of the city as well as enjoy the culinary tradition of today.
Our complete team of Malaika Expeditions is known as one of the most trusted t our operators in Mali . The reason why tourists prefer our services over the other tour companies is the way we design the tailor made holiday packages for all our customers. We even plan out the best trips for our clients so that they can experience the real essence of their specific holiday destination. With the growing tourism of Mali we even listed out the top things to do in Mali.

Here is a list of the best things to do when in Mali:

  • Visit to Bamako
  • Bamako is the capital of Mali and is a home to several interesting museums. Out of the many museums Musee National is the most visited by tourists from all over the world. Bamako is even the main location of the shopping lovers.

  • Visit to Djenne
  • Djenne in Mali is known to be the oldest city of Africa. One of the most visited tourist locations of Djenne is the mud-built structure, the great mosque. The great mosque is known to be one of the largest mud-built structures in the world.

  • Visit to Dogon Country
  • This region is mostly visited by the tourists who love outdoor adventure activities as the only way to get there is by hiking or hitching a ride on the donkey drawn carts. The locals of Dogon are even known for their mask dances and the wooden sculptures created by them.

  • Sahara Desert Excursion
  • This experience tops the list of every tourists must do things in Mali. At Malaika Expeditions we include the Sahara desert excursion to northern Mail in all the Mali Yaara Adventure Tours organized by us.

All the above mentioned destinations are included in the tour packages designed by us at Malaika Expeditions and are quite reasonably priced as well.