Togo Tours

Togo is a small country situated on the Gulf of Guinea. It is known to be one of the most fertile lands as it’s located between countries like Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso. Togo is even considered as a hidden land as not many people are aware about it. This is even the primary reason why many tourists are unaware about the interesting tourist sites present in Togo.
Malaika Expeditions serves as the perfect and the most trusted guide to know about the hot locations to visit in Togo. We at Malaika Expeditions have been consistently offering our customers with accurate and valid travel advice. We even design holiday packages depending upon our individual customers travel requirements. Many tourists who have chosen to hire our services even termed that the packages offered by us are often custom designed according to their needs and demands.

For organizing the most memorable Togo Tours for our customers listed below are a few expert suggestions to follow when in Togo:

  • Visiting the vibrant markets Vogan and Tsevie in the South and Dapaong and Ketao in the north is a must do by every tourist visiting Togo.
  • Tourists must experience and explore the fascinatingly unique architecture of the Tamberma Valley. This region is especially known for its tata compounds, mud like castle structures which are built without using any tools what so ever. This is a must visit tourist destination of Togo.
  • As far as the outdoor travel enthusiasts are concerned they can visit the beautiful hill country side of Togo which is around Kpalime. They can try mountain hiking on the Mountain Ago or the Mount Kloto.
  • Visiting Badou is a must as it has the best cocoa and coffee plantations which is yet again on every travellers must do list when in Togo.
  • Wildlife safaris and witnessing hippos near the Nangbeto Lake is a popular tourist activity.

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