Liberia Guanacaste Tour Operators

Liberia is known for its golden beaches and beautiful blue lagoons. It is even known to have the largest rainforest in the West Africa which is full of coconut trees and rubber plantations.

About Malaika Expeditions:

We at Malaika Expeditions consider ourselves to be an expert tour operator as we make sure to offer our clients with 100% client satisfaction. All the tour packages offered by us are well planned by our travel expert team and our clients can even expect to avail some great deals and discounts on the packages.

What to Expect from Malaika Expeditions for the Liberia City Tour

At Malaika Expeditions we provide all the travellers with extensive information related to their specific holiday destination. This way the travellers can feel safe and comfortable while exploring a new destination with us. With the increasing tourism of Liberia we offer helpful information like what to do in Liberia and even recommend the best time to visit Liberia.

What to do in Liberia:

  • A visit to the Blo Degbo is a must for every traveller in Liberia. This is an ancient rock formation located in Paynesville near Monrovia. This rock is naturally shaped in the form of human face and is the most preferred tourist location in Liberia.
  • A visit to the Sapo National Park is on every tourist’s must do things list when in Liberia. Liberia is home to about 40 percent of the West Africa’s rainforest. Out of which Sapo National Park is home to the largest and the most unique variety of flora and fauna available in Africa.
  • Robertsport is one of the most popular tourist locations in Liberia. This region is known for the beaches and surfing. It is even a perfect location to try out some great water sports.

When to Visit Liberia:

According to the expert Liberia Guanacaste Tour Operators of Malaika Expeditions the best time to visit Liberia is in the months of July and August.
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