Enjoy Cameroon Safari And Spend Nice Time With Your Friends And Family

Cameroon is located in the Gulf of guinea, and sits at the intersection of West and central Africa. A large number of people visit this place to enjoy amazing views of flora and fauna. It offers great variety of vegetation to provide a perfect touring experience. From savannah around the shores of Lake Chad, to equatorial forests in this southeast, this country has a perfect combination of natural and wildlife attractions to charm visitors from different parts of the world.

Geographical look around

Geographically, it’s one of the most diverse countries of Africa with three major zones including, the northern savannah, the southern and eastern rainforest, and northwestern region near Nigeria. Added to this, out of two main rivers, Benue is navigable during several months, while Sanaga isn’t navigable.

Cultural and historic value

The experience of Cameroon safari is simply amazing and exciting. Along with green, hilly and picturesque views, you also get an opportunity to enjoy a perfect blend of African and western culture. The exciting experience of African drums, music, dance, and chorus and an essential point of attraction for tourists. The experienced Cameroon tour operators from Malaika Expeditions give best of their efforts to provide a brilliant experience of cultural lifestyle and entertainment.Our prime objective is to deliver adequate customer satisfaction with efficient and custom made services.

Accommodation services in Cameroon

Accommodation facilities in Cameroon are pretty good and affordable. The only 5 star hotel is located in the capital city of Yaounde while, the other accommodation facilities including four star as well as budget hotels too.Some hotels overlook the city andsome are located towards ocean.

The Cameroonsavoy Palm Beach and Seme Beach Resort also provide brilliant views of mount Cameroon.They provide a perfect environment to stay a pretty fair and reasonable price value. So, if you are traveling on budget, no need to worry, Malaika Expeditions will provide you with best accommodation facilities for a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

After hiring services from Malaika Expeditions, your touring experience will improve a lot. Unlike other travel organizations, our services are not only inexpensive, but are also directed toward towards quick and efficient results. We are committed to deliver best touring experiences of your life. So, don’t waste your time in planning your trip, hire our services, and we’ll make sure that you get best service.