Bijagos Islands - Guinea-Bissau

Everything About Bijagos Islands Tours Of Guinea Bissau

If you want an amazing and exciting touring experience, Bijagos Islands are the way to go. It is a group of about 88 islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the African nation of Guinea Bissau. The ancient delta of Rio Geba and Rio Grande led to the formation of these islands. Today, a large number of people visit this place to enjoy high diversity ecosystems featuring mangroves with intertidal zones, palm forests, dry and semi dry forests. During 1996, this group of islands was also declared a UNESCO Biosphere reserve with different types of animals like turtles, hippopotamus, and many others. Here additional details about this renowned African attraction.


The population of this island is estimated about 32,000, and is dominated by an efficient group known as Bidyogo.While exploring the place, you’ll see very few residents from Chinese, Portuguese and Verdean origins. As compared to African standards, the population of these islands is pretty youthful as the birth rates are high and life expectancy is low. However, the rich environment and brilliant amenities play a big part in pulling a large number of crowds from different parts of the world.


In terms of infrastructural development, the bijagos islands have not been developed according to tourist potential. However, even today the ancestral culture and traditional lifestyle of these islands isn’t affected by outside influence. The society of the islands is characterized by age-grade progression. Along with this, the tradition of matriarchy has also been prevailing in which women choose their husbands and terminate their marriage. During the tours of Guinea Bissau, you’ll get an amazing experience of different cultures and traditions.

Delicious food

Along with rich culture, these islands also feature a perfect eating experience. Seafood is a prime specialty, but you can also enjoy several traditional meals like Fufu which comprises balls of cassava, and plantain which is served with soup. The amazing taste as well inexpensive price value of the different dishes gives a perfect eating experience with utmost ease and comfort. So, while touring Guinea Bissau, don’t forget to enjoy unique, delicious and cost friendly meals.

Bijagosarchipelago provides a perfect combination of fun and excitement. It is one of the best African destinations, and is a must visit for every nature and wildlife lover. At Malaika Expeditions, our professionals will give the best of their efforts to enhance your touring experience. Their experience and knowledge about different islands can play a big part in enriching your touring experience. We also provide customized bijagos island travel guide services for different customer needs. So, if you are planning a trip to Bijagos, don’t wait, just hire our services.