African Safari Tours Gabon

Africa is a country that is popular for its wildlife and national parks. Out of the others Gabon is considered as the most popular tourist destination. Palm-fringed bays, lush tropical forests and beautiful lagoons present in the republic of Gabon are visited by tourists from all across the globe.

For providing tourists with the right and tailor made holiday packages to Gabon we at Malaika Expeditions are the most trusted name in the industry. The primary reason that most of the tourists prefer the African Safari Tours Gabon offered by us is simply because we ensure in providing the safari tours according to our individual client demands and at reasonable prices. The tourists travelling with our expert tour guides can feel safe and have the most memorable holiday experience in Gabon.

National Parks in Gabon:

There are about 13 national parks in Gabon but not all the parks are accessible by tourists. All these parks are extremely beautiful and are considered to be the pride of Africa.

Different Types of Habitat in Loango:

The few popular types of habitat that can be witnessed in Loango are:

  • Seashore
  • Coastal Lagoons
  • Vibrant Marine Life
  • Swamp Forests
  • Coastal Forests
  • Rain Forests
  • Savannah
  • Rivers
  • Salt Marsh
  • Mangroves

Climate Conditions of Gabon:

All year round the temperature in Gabon is quite high and humid. It is even known to have an equatorial climate. October to December is regarded as the best time to visit Gabon as the temperatures is quite decent and cooler for tourists to visit the must see locations around Gabon.

Shopping in Gabon:

Shopping in Gabon is one of the top highlights of Gabon Holidays organized by us at Malaika Expeditions. We make sure that we organize the tour in such a way that the tourists can visit the two popular and bustling markets Nkembo and Mon-Bouet. These markets are highly famous for the stone carvings and the clay pots. Some shops present in this market are however closed on Monday but the tourists can avail accurate details about the shops and the best time to visit them at Malaika Expeditions.