Safari Tours in Swaziland

Africa has many safari destinations but very few of them offer the lush landscapes like Swaziland. The several parks present in the Swaziland are known to be the pride of Africa as tourists from all across the globe visit these parks every year.
In spite of the soaring popularity of the parks and wildlife in Swaziland it is still considered to be underrated in comparison to Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania. In order to make the holiday experience memorable for all the tourists Malaika Expeditions offers the expert guidance. The team of Malaika Expeditions guide the tourists about the must experience Safari Tours in Swaziland and even provide them with helpful travel tips.
The travel specialist’s team of Malaika Expeditions even provides the tourists with some expert recommendations of things to do in Swaziland. Mentioned below are the few top highlights of Swaziland revealed by us at Malaika Expeditions:

  • Visit to the major parks of Swaziland which are Hlane Royal National Park and Mkhaya Game Reserve is a must for every tourist visiting Swaziland.
  • These parks are home to a wide variety of big mammals like giraffe, zebra, elephants, hippos and rhinos.
  • The Mkhaya Game Reserve is the best place to witness both the black and white rhinos.
  • Swaziland is even known as the drivers dream way destination as the road to Luve is labelled as Pine Valley surrounded by a series of waterfalls.

Apart from this the most preferred tourist activities available in Swaziland are:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Adventure Caving
  • Quad Trails
  • Mountain Biking
  • Safari Tours
  • Walking Trails
  • Canopy Tour
  • Bird Watching Tours
  • Activities for single travellers
  • Activities for group travellers

The Swaziland Safari Holidays organized by our expert team of Malaika Expeditions are designed according to the individual customer travel, choice of location and budget requirements. We even plan different holiday packages for group travellers, family travellers and single travellers visiting Swaziland. All our clients can choose from the wide range of holiday packages offered by us or can either get it custom made by our travel experts.