MaldivesHoliday Packages

Maldives is a dream destination for people who love luxury and the beach. Maldives is the perfect tropical escape for people looking to have the most memorable and luxurious holiday escapade. What makes the Maldives Holiday Packages popular than any other tourist location is that every luxurious resort or hotel accommodation is ideally located on their own private island. This is probably one of the biggest tourist attractions of holidaying in Maldives.

With the soaring tourism of Maldives there are many tour operators claiming to offer the best hotel deals and discounted holiday packages. In spite of this one of the most trusted guides for holidaying in Maldives is Malaika Expeditions. We at Malaika Expeditions believe in customer satisfaction and offering our clients with the best possible services to make their trip memorable and comfortable.

About Maldives:

About 90% of Maldives is made up of Sea hence this makes it the ideal destination to try different activities. Maldives is even known for the combination of 1,190 coral islands that is spread over 90,000 kilometres. Tourists from all over the globe visit Maldives to try different activities in and around the islands.

Some of the most preferred activities that are included in the packages offered by us at Malaika Expeditions are:

  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Snorkelling and exploring the vibrant coral reef
  • Water sports such as surfing, water polo and many others
  • Luxury Cruising and many others

The Maldives cruising safari packages available at Malaika Expeditions are exceptionally great and very affordably priced. Tourists can enjoy some of the most beautiful locations in Maldives and live their dream of experiencing luxury at its best.

Inhabited Islands Trip:

This is one of the most preferred tourist activities in Maldives. These islands are small fishing villages with milky white beaches and lush tropical vegetation. These inhabited islands are a perfect destination for couples on a honeymoon. They have their own bonfire setup or a BBQ setup on request. At Malaika Expeditions our clients can remain stress free and expect a completely personalized customer service experience.