Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Looking for Rwanda Gorilla Safaris then Malaika Expeditions should be the number one choice as the best tour operators. We at Malaika Expeditions offer our clients with the most memorable, safe and guided tours in Rwanda.

About Rwanda:

Rwanda is a small country located in the east of Africa. Rwanda is popularly known as the land of “thousand hills” because of the lush landscapes. Africa and most importantly Rwanda has a number of major tourist destinations that not many travellers are aware about. For this our expert travel team of Malaika Expeditions provides the tourists with right guidance and accurate knowledge about the must visit tourist destinations present in Rwanda.

Some of the popular tourist destinations in Rwanda are:

  • Nationale Des Volcanoes National Park
  • Nyungwe National Park
  • Akagera National Park
  • National Genocide Memorial Sites
  • Lake Kivu

Travellers can choose the Malaika Expeditions Rwanda safari packages on the basis of:

  • Their individual budget requirements
  • Their individual travel requirements
  • Their individual travel duration requirements
  • Their individual type of package requirements like couple safari package, group safari package and many others

With this our clients can expect a complete tailor made Rwanda safari package only at Malaika Expeditions.

Apart from the highly popular Gorilla Trekking Tours organized by our skilled travel experts at Malaika Expeditions we even design cultural safaris for our clients visiting Africa. Rwanda is even famous for its rich cultural heritage like music, dance and drama. The travellers can even enjoy a great trip to the many cultural museums present in Rwanda. All the tours organized by us at Malaika Expeditions are included with tour guides who have an expert knowledge about the history and the rich cultural significance of Rwanda. We even offer special discount and deals on the travel packages organized by us. The Rwanda Safaris Guide experience with us Malaika Expeditions will leave our clients with exceptional memories to cherish for a lifetime. They can even remain assured about their and their loved ones safety as customer satisfaction is our main aim at Malaika Expeditions.