About Malaika Expedition

Malaika is a Swahili word meaning angel. It is also the title of maybe the most known Swahili song, arranged and sung by artists worldwide. Malaika Expeditions offer trekking and customized safari in Eastern Africa , Southern Africa and Indian Ocean . Our clients include Germans, French, Italians, British, Scandinavians, Japanese, Chinese, Americans and South Africans.


As a tourist destination, has a lot to offer: over a quarter of its land designated as protected National Parks, Game Reserves and Game Controlled Areas. Still, you can be able to explore quite remote areas that have not yet been exposed to much tourism. In this way Tanzania can still provide some of that `explorers` atmosphere. Within its` borders you can visit world famous parks such as Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire. Among the less known parks are Ruaha, Selous, Mkomazi Game Reserve and Katavi National Park, which are just as magnificent. Reaching the peak of Kilimanjaro at 19, 340 feet above sea level is a milestone worth achieving. Consult us about the different routes.


Evokes lost civilizations. It takes us back to remote times when the island could have been the setting of `A Thousand and One Nights` and the Arab Sultans dominated the trade routes from this stronghold in the Indian Ocean . The narrow streets of Zanzibar exude memoirs, whispering tales of traders and merchants, whilst the eastern breeze teases one`s senses with the aromas of the Orient. The aromas of Zanzibar emanate from spices, jasmine and cloves. Each point of her coast conveys magical worlds where the endless white of the beaches are only interrupted by the colorful nets fisherman leave to dry in the sun.


Is a land of contrasts where the misty mornings of its fertile highlands give way to the never-ending plains of the Maasai Mara. Where the eternal snows of Mount Kenya reflect upon the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
From length to breadth of this vast territory, savannahs teeming with wildlife, lakes abundant with birdlife and the most breath taking scenery, all coexist in perfect harmony. Compounding this with the extraordinary kindness and warmth of her people moulds Kenya into one of the most unique countries in the world.

South Africa

A trip to South Africa evokes a turbulent past forming one of the most vigorous and attractive countries of the world at this present time. South Africa is the only place in the world where the magic and mystery of traditional Africa meet the perfect harmony with the vibrating rhythm of modern civilization. For a travelers approaching this land, the experience starts prior to arrival. Mythical places such as Cape Town, Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta are captivating. Close up, the rhythm of its beat is hypnotizing.


The Wildlife is superb and some of the finest Safaris on offer are available from different lodges and camps. Blessed with waterfalls including the spectacular Victoria Falls, Zambia offers holidays filled with adventure and scenic beauty.
A wide range of action activities from the legendary Walking Safari deep in the wilderness. World class River Rafting, Bungi into the deep gorge below the Victoria Falls, Abseiling, Canoeing Safaris down the Zambezi, River Surfing, excellent Tiger Fishing and breath taking African sunsets.


It is the purest blue that shines in the skies of Namibia; the only color in Africa that does not alter with the change of time despite the serenity of dusk and the vigor of dawn.
In Namibia the days start early, chilly in winter and warm in summer. The constant smile of her people, the different tribes and traditions, the diverse languages together with the unusual culture of this undiscovered corner of Africa, generates a charm that relocates one to another world. Namibia`s starkness is raw beauty.